Welcome to Alex Win Studios

When it comes to your photography or videography, our background in corporate marketing and Silicon Valley industries allows us to be in sync with your creative and technical minds .  Whether you need corporate headshots or event coverage, big or small, we’re here to make that happen for you in the most professional way.

Our growing client list includes:

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Video is clearly at the heart of today’s social media and the key to getting your message across to the fast-pace-short-attention-span world.  Talk to us about what you need and let’s collaborate on something compelling for you!


Get that competitive edge with headshots that look a million light years ahead of competition.  Whether you run a one-person show, swimming in a sea of startups, or part of a billion-dollar empire, a great set of headshots can give you and your company the first impression you want from potential clients and prospective employees.


Alex Win Studios is a consistent 5-star studio serving the needs of corporate clientele since 2012.  Our studio offers the very best in both photography and videography, allowing us to be your “one-stop-shop” for your content media needs.  Whether you are looking for professional headshots, compelling testimonials, presentations, workshops, or full-on conference coverage with live streaming, you can count on our team of top professionals to be an extension of your creative team.


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